Energy Teen Club is a professional company with extensive experience catering to teen venues- managed by adults. 

Parents are welcome to tour the facility and can be provided with management cell phone numbers if needed.

Your teens safety is our number one concern. For this reason, searches/pat downs are conducted for everyone entering the building. Local law enforcement have been contracted to be on sight.

We do not tolerate drugs, tobacco, alcohol, harassment, intimidation, or improper/unwanted physical contact.

Patrons in violation of the rules & regulations will be required to leave once we have determined they have appropriate transportation (parent call, licensed driver, relative, etc).

No one is allowed to leave and reenter the building unless escorted by a staff member. We are open from 7pm until Midnight- (please pick up by midnight).

For drop offs/pick ups- we ask that teens remain in the building until their transportation arrives.

We have a covered/monitored secure drop off point right at our front door.

We have a cash snack bar available serving pop, hot dogs, chips, pizza, snacks, etc. Priced $1 - $5 per item.

To keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere, parents are encouraged not to remain in the building.